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  • Phone : +90 532 111 01 02 (pbx)

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About SailTech

SailTech is a local technology company producing M2M devices with the years of experiences since 2010. We continue our existence by developing ourselves and we owe it to our dear customers. Wearehonoredthatyouhaveconstantlyshownyourinterestinourservices since 2010. In the meantime, we have brought several technology projects into action. We always carry on ourworkbyprioritizingcustomer satisfaction as a principle and vision of ourcompany.Oureffortstopresentyouthebest service andthemostqualifiedproductscarry on increasingdaybyday.The market of technologyproductswehavebeenwithinthecountryandabroadserves as a model in severalareasandcontributestoeconomy.


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