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  • ThinkTool TPMS T100


    THINKTPMS T100 can activate TPMS sensor to display sensor data such as sensor ID, tire pressure, tire frequency, tire temperature and battery status.THINKCAR T-Wand 100 is a professional TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) service tool developed by THINKCAR. With the ability to read sensor data via Bluetooth. It can also relearn and program TPMS sensors via OBD port.

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  • TJA 1050 CAN Transceiver


    The TJA1050 is an interface and physical bus between the CAN protocol controller. The device provides differential transmit capability to the bus and differential receive capability to the CAN controller.

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  • Double CAN-BUS Adapter(For Teensy 3.5,3.6)


    Add CAN-Bus capability to your project with this transceiver add-on. It has two SN65HVD230D transceivers, one for each CAN line. There are also 120 Ohm terminal resistors. Thanks to its environmentally friendly design, it gives you easy access to other pins if needed.

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  • OBDplus Vehicle Tracking Device (Basic)


    OBDplus, where you can track your vehicle on the map; It is a plug-and-play product compatible with 2000 and above passenger - heavy vehicle vehicles.

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  • OBDplus Vehicle Tracking Device (Pro)


    OBDplus is a plug-and-play product that is compatible with passenger-heavy vehicles 2000 and above, where you can track your vehicle on the map.

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